Flecken Wing Chun teaches traditional Wing Chun. The techniques have been passed down unchanged but have been carefully modified in accordance with new state of the art scientific findings on the generalized equilibrium (inner reference) in all things.

In an individual manner by theory and practice, the training imparts a new approach to life and body control. This is achieved since all movement sequences are executed in alignment with the ideal.

Training Goals of Flecken Wing Chun:

  • Self confidence and self assurance established
  • Body, mind and soul satisfaction / contentment achieved
  • Fears and aggressions dissipated 
  • Community consciousness established
  • Equality understood and embraced
  • Body awareness broadened
  • Most effective techniques of self-defense learned
  • Power of opponents utilized for advantage
  • Physical and spiritual endurance / ability realized

Advantages of Flecken Wing Chun

  • Good for any age
  • Works for people with physical restrictions
  • Builds user reflexes, speed and power
  • Amplifies user force --  especially effective for weaker individuals
  • Concentration and coordination promoted
  • Gentle physical exercise for the entire body