Scientific Equilibrium by Flecken Wing Chun – The Personal Inner Reference

This equilibrium is identified by a unique shape, which is always the same shape, an ellipse, that produces ideal characteristics.
Within Flecken Wing Chun this shape of equilibrium is systematically targeted --  maintained and used.
The goal for body movements within the Flecken Wing Chun is to achieve the state of equilibrium and balance – from balance back into balance
By moving within the balance of the inner reference, the ellipse, and its compliment, the vortex of its opposite, the Flecken Wing Chun user stays not only in a state of complete balance, but also in a state of peak performance.
With this new approach Flecken Wing Chun is formulated far beyond the philosophy of martial arts by blending art with science.

“Dare to explore the movements of generalized equilibrium (Flecken Wing Chun) that is enhanced with the “Inner Reference”  (ROYAL INSTITUTE STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN) --                You will be surprised !!”  - 
Master Flecken