Heinz- Josef Flecken
Heinz- Josef Flecken

Flecken Wing Chun

The Foundation Elements of Flecken Wing Chun:

  • uses only very basic techniques that are interwoven into the practice and are combinable
  • immediately builds confidence
  • requires no physical qualifications
  • is easy for anyone to learn

The Essence of Flecken Wing Chun:

  • is a new knowledge-based self-defense based on the ancient art of Wing Chun
  • is unique among all martial arts
  • uses your opponent’s power and movement against them
  • is the only scientifically designed martial art that uses the generalized shape of equilibrium to amplify your movements

“It is with a clear structure, not strict rules, that any user can learn to trust      his/her inner being and therefore can act and react in a powerful manner” 
                                 Master Flecken


Perfection now has a shape -
It’s the shape of the equilibrium  -  the ellipse – in collaboration with the latest scientific discoveries, Flecken Wing Chun uses the inner reference of power and control that resides in all things, the ellipse,  to instruct the art of self defense